The Bergen 4-day treatment



Innovation of the year

The CTF was awarded “Innovation of the year” by The Norwegian Psychological Science Association in 2015. The CTF is highly requested by patients, families and therapists, both nationwide as well as internationally, not only for OCD but for other anxiety disorders as well as for depression

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As an indication of the robustness of the format we successfully treated 90 patient with OCD in two weeks.

While the Bergen OCD-team does not have any wait-lists, Oslo University Hospital (OUS) had accumulated a waitlist of more than 100 patients. In two weeks (February and April 2017) we helped OUS out and treated all the patients who were available, and simultaneously started training therapists from more than 20 different OCD-teams in the 4-day format. The results from the 3 months follow up are clearly comparable to the previous results gained by the Bergen 4-day format.

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