Food and catering

Patients are served food in their respective departments. You can also purchase anything from dinner to snacks, pastries and sweets from various outlets within the hospital. There are also several supermarkets nearby.

​​​​Meals in departments

The departments serve four meals a day:

Breakfast: 08.00–09.00
Lunch: 12.00–13.00
Dinner: 16.00–17.00
Evening meal: 20.00–21.00

The menus change from week to week. Your department can provide information about the weekly menu. ​Department meals are only provided to inpatients. Next-of-kin and visitors may use the canteen, kiosk or café. ​

Special dietary needs

We offer menus to suit all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, halal and allergen-free food. Please let the staff in your department know of your requirements.

Dining rooms

Many departments have dedicated dining rooms, and serving the food in a pleasant atmosphere. The dining rooms are staffed with their own kitchen staff and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Dining at the patient hotel

The patient hotel, Haukeland hotel, has its own kitchen, dining hall, café and 24-hour kiosk​ for patients and visitors. 


Café3 is located on the 3rd floor in the hospital's main building, Sentralblokka, at Haukeland. Here we offer hot meals, baked goods, salad buffet, cakes, cold cuts, fruits and drinks. Café3 is open for everyone.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 07.30-18.00
Saturday-Sunday: 11.00-17.00

The café is closed on public holidays.

Café Foajé

Café Foajé is located on the ground floor in the hospital's main building, Sentralblokka, at Haukeland. Here you can buy spreads, cakes, baked goods and a simple hot dish. 

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 08.30-15.30

Closed during weekends and public holidays.

Deli de Luca

We have two kiosks at the hospital area at Haukeland, one on the ground floor in the hospital main building, Sentralblokka, and one at the Women's clinic, Kvinneklinikken. Here you can purchase salad, baguettes and other baked goods, some hot dishes, coffee, tea and other drinks. There are also a wide selection of books and magazines.

Opening hours - Sentralblokka

Monday-Friday: 07.00-22.00
Saturday-Sunday: 08.00-21.00

Supermarkets close to the hospital

Last updated 7/18/2022