Parking facilities at Haukeland are divided into separate zones in and around the hospital grounds.

​The number of parking spaces are limited at the hospital. Out of consid​​eration for those who have to use a car to get to the hospital, we encourage those who can, to use public transport​.

Parking facilities at Haukeland

The largest car park for patients is the parking deck underneath the main building - Sentralblokka. In addition there is a parking garage in the hospital park, just after the driveway by Haukeland Hotel for patients, and there are some parking spaces by the Women's Clinic - Kvinneklinikken. There are designated parking spaces for the disabled  in all the car parks. 

Haukeland University Hospital use the ticketless and barrier-free parking system Sesam Sesam. A sign recognition system and cameras will register the licence plate number when driving in and out and you don't need a ticket. You will need the licence plate number when you pay. 

The car park is staffed 24/7. Illegally parked cars will recieve a controll fee and can be towed away at the owner's expense.

  • ​Sentralblokka (main building) - height 3 metres
  • Sentralblokka (main building), Floors A, B and C underneath the Laboratory building - height 2.2 metres​
  • Parking garage by the entrance to the hospital area next to Haukeland Hotel, Floor U and 1 - height 2.1 metres
  • Parking garage underneath Haukeland Hotel - height 2 metres

  • 08:00–17:00 NOK 10 per started 20 minutes. Max NOK 210 per day.
  • 17:00–21:00 NOK 10 per started 30 minutes.
  • 21:00–08:00 NOK 5 per started 60 minutes. Max NOK 40 for overnight stay.
  • Weekends 08:00-21:00 NOK 7,50 per 30 minutes. Max NOK 105 per day.
  • Next-of-kin parking card NOK 350 per week or 7 entries / exits.​

  • You can pay by downloading the Sesam Sesam app and register your car before you park, then the payment is made automatically. Alternatively, you can register your car on the Sesam Sesam website.
  • You can pay online on the Sesam Sesam website within 48 hours after your parking
  • You can pay by using the payment kiosk. The machine takes both card and coins.
  • You can park without registering, then you will receive an invoice by mail and an invoice fee will be added to the parking expences (NOK 19 per January 2022).

Read more about payment on the Sesam Sesam website 

There are some groups who do not have to pay for parking. This applies for the disabled, blood donors, dialysis patients, patients with exemption cards and voluntary visitation service.

To receive free parking for disabled, you must show the HC card and enter the licence registration number at the reception on the 0 th floor of the main building (Sentralblokka). You will then be exempted from parking fee for one year. The exemption must be renewed annually. This exemption applies to parking in the Haukeland area (Sentralblokka, hospital park and Women's Clinic / Augebygget) and in Sandviken (Psychiatric clinic). 

​Patients who are going to the hospital for a number of planned, shorter contacts (i.e. examination, day treatment, outpatient clinic etc.) will be offered parking at a reduced price during treatment period. The premise is that the patient needs to attend the hospital at least 7 times. The price is NOK 350 for 7 times and NOK 700 for 14 times, regardless of the length of the treatment period.

For long-term patients it is required that the department where the patient receives treatment, will set the date for the treatment period and sign the form. The patient then submits the completed form to the reception in the main building (Sentralblokka) for registration.

Parking Certification form for patients with serial consultations entitled to a value card (Norwegian) (PDF)

If a patient is in the hospital for 7 days or more, the patient / next-of-kin is entitled to parking at a reduced price for 1-2 weeks, for up to 3 cars. The price is NOK 350 per week per car. The department where the patient is admitted must give attestation and fill out the department's form for this.

Reduced parking price applies in advance or from current parking.

Patients attending short term dialysis have 8 hours free parking. Contact the secretary at the department and provide your car licence plate number for registration. You only need to do this the first time, and then you can drive freely in and out of the parking garage. 

If you use different cars, you will need to contact th​e department secretary upon arrival to register the other car's licence plate number. 

Blood donors have free parking for 3 hours. Drive into the parking deck underneath the main building (Sentralblokka) to the designated parking spaces for blood donors. You can register your parking and the car's licence plate number on the tablets at the reception, and you will not be charged for parking.

Some patients may be reimbursed for the cost of using their own car when attending treatment if they need to travel by car for health reasons or if there is no public transport available. 

You can obtain more information about reimbursement of the cost of using your own car by visiting the Pasientreiser website or by calling 91 50 55 15

For electric and hybrid cars, there are 19 charging places for visitors in the parking deck beneath the hospital mail building, Sentralblokka. A number of places are located on the west side before you drive out of the parking deck. In addition, there are two charging places by the Women's Clinic, Kvinneklinikken, and 7 charging places in the parking house just after you enter the hospital area by Haukeland hotel. 

Charging your car is free, but you still have to pay the normal parking fee.

In the parking deck underneath the main building (Sentralblokka), you will find parking for motorcycles after entering in the South of the building, opposite the smoking room.

In the Haukeland hospital area there are parking for bicycles by the southern entrance to Sentralblokka (the hospital main building):

Parking for bicycles and sign on the wall. Photo

If you have received a control sanction (control fee) and you disagree, please go to this website to lodge a complaint: 

Complaint website for control sanctions - Haukeland University Hospital

Last updated 8/8/2022