The hospital does not have an insurance policy to cover any loss of personal property by patients. We therefore advise you to leave any valuables at home.

​The hospital uses deposit bags to store your cash and valuables. 

The deposit bags are A4-sized plastic bags with a safety mechanism that cannot be breached without leaving a trace. Each bag has a unique registration number.

Safe storage during emergency admissions

Deposit bags with contents worth up to NOK 10,000 will accompany you to your department/ward. If the value is more than NOK 10,000, the bag must be handed over to the hospital's security department, where it will be placed in a safe.

Each patient will only be allocated one deposit bag

Cash/valuables will be placed in the bag, and a copy of the registration form will be placed in the bag pocket. Both you and the department that receives you will be given a copy of the registration form.
The deposit bag will be stored in a safe location within the department.
If you wish to retrieve items from the bag but want to continue to deposit the remaining items in the bag, you must use a new deposit bag and a new registration form. 


The department using and storing deposit bags for its patients is also liable for the valuables contained in the bag.
The security department is liable for deposit bags with contents worth more than NOK 10,000 and stored in the security department's safe.
Last updated 8/23/2016