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Department of International Collaboration (DIC) was established in 2003, and since then they have coordinated the international projects at Haukeland University Hospital (HUH). More than 30 departments and units are involved in international engagements, and 15-20 employees are stationed aboard between the partner hospitals.

The department has the administrative responsibility for the projects and is in charge of personnel matters, while the clinical departments have the professional responsibility. DIC assists in writing applications and reports to the external donor organizations, and provides updated information about the collaborating countries. They also have the official communication with donors and Norwegian Embassies abroad.

The international work is rooted in our board through the new “Strategy for International Collaboration” from November 2017. This builds on and replaces the strategy from 2013, and focuses on competence building in a win-win perspective for all the partner institutions. The aim is to have academically broad engagements with a few, public hospitals in Africa and Asia.​

For the most parts the projects are funded with support from external donors, but since 2010 the department has received an annual allocation of funds from Haukeland University Hospital to ensure sustainability.

Haukeland University Hospital is also a partner in Global Health Norway which is a network of the major Norwegian institutions in the educational, hospital and research institute sectors involved in global health activities, including research, education and capacity strengthening. Read more here

Grete Marie Eilertsen – Interim Director
Office: +47 55 97 47 69
Mobile: +47 97 95 77 23
E-mail: grete.marie.eilertsen@helse-bergen.no
Ms. Eilertsen has been employed since the department was established in 2003. She has a master in Development Geography/Social Science from the University of Bergen. She is responsible for the HR management, and for Haukeland University Hospital’s projects in Malawi, Ethiopia, Tanzania/Zanzibar and Nepal. In addition she is administrative Coordinator for the emergency team at Haukeland University Hospital (HUH).

Bilde av Grete Marie Eilertsen

Silje Seterås – Adviser
Office: +47 55 97 33 70
Mobile: +47 97 11 00 06
E-mail: silje.seteraas@helse-bergen.no
Ms. Seterås has been employed since 2004. Her background is within business and administration from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She is responsible for external funded projects in Tanzania/Zanzibar and Nepal, and is the finance coordinator at the department.

Bilde av Silje Seterås

Camilla Skjelbred – Adviser
Office: +47 55 97 21 56
Mobile: +47 90 97 19 27
E-mail: camilla.skjelbred@helse-bergen.no
Ms. Skjelbred has been employed since 2014. She has a bachelor degree in economics and management, with a major in business administration from Bergen University College. She is responsible for the shipment of containers to our projects, and she is assisting in the finance management of DIC; providing practical support to the international FK participants at HUH; maintaining updated webpages; and in general support the running of the office.

Bilde av Camilla Skjelbred

Many people wish to contribute to our projects in terms of monetary donations, or knitted wear for newborns. Please contact us for further information.

LION – Lilongwe Institute of Orthopedics and Neurosurgery

In Malawi it is estimated that more than 5.000 people die in traffic accidents every year, more than 100.000 are injured, and the numbers are rapidly increasing. About 10.000 people are permanently disabled because of the lack of modern trauma care. Malawi cannot meet this challenge without external support due to limited resources. We wish to change the future for the injured, to help them receive proper trauma care, and rehabilitation back to a normal life.

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This is how you can support the project

Knitting for newborns

Haukeland University Hospital started their engagements with Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH) in Zanzibar within the field of pediatrics in 2011. Both the Women’s Clinic and the Children’s Clinic are involved in the project. In Malawi we had a collaboration with the Maternity Clinic at Bwaila Hospital from 2007. The project in Malawi has ended, but we still send knitted garments to the clinic. Since the startup of these projects we have received thousands of caps, socks, blankets and sweaters for the hospitals. Newborns lose heath through their head, and they use the knitted wear to keep them warm.

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