Practical information on labour and maternity ward

On this page you will find information about stays for partners, visits to the maternity ward and other useful information.

Glasblokkene is a hospital for children, youth and women. Here you find both reception for acute illness, outpatient clinics for appointments and day treatment, and bed posts for admission.

A room with a bed and a window

This page is under development, more information, films and pictures will be added towards the opening.

In Glasblokkene 5–8 there is a main front desk on the 1st floor, that serves all patients, relatives and visitors to Glasblokkene. The main front desk is staffed every day from 07 AM – 09 PM, and weekends/public holidays 07.30 AM – 09 PM.

Here you can get help with check-in, finding your way around, ordering an interpreter, transport and much more.

In addition to the main front desk, there is an expedition adjacent to the reception in U1, which is staffed every day until 10.30 PM.

Your appointment note states where to show up at the hospital. The vast majority also receive an SMS for arrival registration on the same day of the appointment. You can choose to check in via SMS on your cell phone, or at the self-service machine in Glasblokkene.

Patients who need, or want it, can get help at the front desk.

When the patient has checked in, either via cell phone or at the machine, you will receive an SMS with a reference code that shows which waiting area you belong to. You will always receive an SMS about room/venue.

When the appointment ends and the settlement has taken place, the patients have the opportunity to pay the deductible etc. via Vipps, or to receive an invoice per mail or online bank.

Here, information is entered about where the different waiting zones are.

Partners/companions are welcome to stay overnight in all labour and maternity rooms in block 5. All rooms have a fixed bed that can be folded down for use. Payment for the use of bed linen can be done via Vipps with a one-off sum for the entire stay.

Partners/companions can buy meals in the same buffet as the patients on the 2nd and 4th floor. The caterer accepts payment via Vipps. There is also a large cafe on the 1st floor, which is open to everyone.

Partners/companions are welcome to be present during the entire stay. Healthy siblings of the child are welcome daily at 5 PM – 6 PM. Other relatives must wait to visit until after returning home.In case of a long stay or other special considerations, we arrange for more visits.

For inpatients, there are four dining tables in the house. The food service will be tailored to the patients staying at the bed posts. In the dining rooms, there are separate drink stations with coffee machines, juice, milk machines and water/ice machines.

Partners/companions can buy food in the dining rooms (see more under Offers for relatives, and payment).

There is a cafe on the first floor. This is open to both patients, relatives and employees.

There are also seven vending machines in the building. These will contain a varied selection of fresh and ready-made food.

All patients and visitors can use free wireless internet in most areas of the hospital. is a wireless network for visitors, patients and employees. How to connect to our guest network:

  1. Connect to the wireless guest network (
  2. A browser should open automatically. (If the login window does not appear, try opening the browser manually).
  3. Press "Accept" when you have read and understood the terms.

The login occurs automatically on units after the first login, as long as the account is active. It should only be necessary to log in once per unit per 31 days.

Trouble connecting to wireless internet?

Unfortunately, the network may be poor in some places at the hospital. You may therefore have problems logging on to the network. We apologize for this, and we are working to improve this.

Do you have a newer cell phone and have problems connecting it to the hospital's wireless guest network? It may be due to the network settings on your phone. Read more about what to do here. 

Last updated 11/5/2023