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Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity

The mission of the Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity is use highly effective, concentrated treatment formats to elucidate multilevel mechanisms of brain plasticity to gain new insights of relevance for future therapies. Also, the Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity work to disseminate the Bergen 4-day Treatment (B4DT) internationally. The BCBP collaborates with the Clinic for 4-Day Treatment.

  • Biobank and quality register

    The BCBP uses a consent-based biobank and clinical quality register to document the effectiveness of treatment and as a platform for cutting-edge research

  • International dissemination

    Internationally, there is great interest in Bergen 4-day Treatment (B4DT) and many patients, relatives and clinicians get in touch.

  • Research projects

    At the research center Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity, a concentrated treatment format is both developed and used in the treatment of mental disorders. This provides a golden opportunity to research how genetics, epigenetics and the bra...

  • The Bergen 4-day Treatment (B4DT)

    The B4DT is a practical, evidence-based, focused and deliberate exposure based treatment. It builds on four decades of empirical research and theories about the most effective approach to OCD treatment. The innovation and strength of the wo...

Films from the Center for Brain Plasticity og Bergen 4-Day Treatment

Watch this clip and learn about what it is like to live with obsessive-compulsive disorder, how treatment can change lives, and how we can use treatment to better understand how the disorder affects the brain.
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Time Magazine, 50 most influental People in Health Care

In october of 2018, Time Magazine selected Gerd Kvale and Bjarne Hansen to be on the list of 50 Most Influential People in Health Care, based on the way the B4DT change the state of health care. They were the only honourees representing psychological treatment; truly a remarkable acknowledgement of recent advancement of OCD treatment.
Time Magazine article
Picture of Gerd Kvale and Bjarne Hansen


The Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity is supported by:

Trond Mohn Foundation

Kavli Trust

University of Bergen

Haukeland University Hospital

Last updated 7/8/2021