Vaccination and immunisation

​​Hepatitis B vaccinations

Hepatitis B vaccinations are offered as part of Helse Bergen HF's initiative to prevent blood infections. The vaccine is also given to employees who may be at risk of exposure to Hepatitis B. The employee's immunity against Hepatitis B will be checked after the vaccination is administered.​

MRSA (meticillin-resistant staphylococcus aureusis)

Everyone starting work at Helse Bergen (or returning to work after being stationed abroad) must complete a form stating whether the employee has been working in or admitted to healthcare institutions in countries with a high risk of MRSA infections.

FOR 1996-07-05 no. 700: Regulations on Preliminary Examinations of Health Workers – Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria.

Hepatitis B vaccinations and MRSA testing are carried out in the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department at Haukeland University Hospital and are free-of-charge to employees.

You can obtain further information about which professions and departments are offered Hepatitis B vaccinations and about procedures and guidelines for MRSA testing by calling the HSE Department on 55 97 38 50.

Seasonal flu vaccinations

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends that health workers who have direct contact with patients be given a flu vaccine. Key personnel in the hospital should also be given a flu jab in order that the hospital can sustain operations in the event of a flu epidemic.

Helse Bergen offers free vaccines against seasonal flu to employees who fall into these categories. Department managers are responsible for determining whether to offer seasonal flu vaccinations to staff in the department.​
Last updated 8/22/2016