Right to complain

If you believe that your patient rights have been breached, we encourage you to contact the relevant department as soon as possible. This will allow the department to review its practices. Formal complaints must be made in writing.

If the department has considered your complaint but not changed it's decision, the department must forward your complaint to the County Governor without undue delay.​

Read more about your right to complain at helsenorge.no​

​The Health & Social Services Ombudsman

The Health & Social Services Ombudsman can provide more information about patient rights and/or help patients make a complaint about the health service or make a claim for compensation from the NPE. The services provided by the Health & Social Services Ombudsman are free of charge.​

Contact information

The Health & Social Services Ombudsman in Vestland
T​elephone:  55 21 80 90 
Email: vestland.bergen@pasientogbrukerombudet.no 
Visiting address: Zander Kaaes gate 7, 5015 Bergen

Postal address: 
Pasient- og brukarombodet i Vestland
Postboks 212 Skøyen
0213 Oslo

The County Governor of Vestland

Telephone:   57 64 30 00 
​Email: sfvlpost@statsforvalteren.no 
Visiting address: Statens hus, Kaigaten 9, 5015 Bergen

Postal address: 
Statsforvaltaren i Vestland
Statens hus
Njøsavegen 2
6863 Leikanger

Last updated 2/16/2023