Official opening of the Mohn Research Centre for Regenerative Medicine

With funding from the Trond Mohn Foundation, researchers in Bergen now have the opportunity to develop new ways of treating chronic and acute wounds, bone damage and psychosis using stem cells. Many patient groups will benefit from the regenerative medicine centre and its research. On January 31, the Mohn Research Centre for Regenerative Medicine was officially opened!

Published 2/9/2022
Last updated 8/29/2023
A group of people standing on a stage
From left to right: Eivind Hansen, Sveinung Hole, Erik Johnsen, Cecilie Bredrup, Kamal Mustafa, Stian Almeland, Einar K. Kristoffersen and Per Bakke. Photo: Marte Stangenes / Helse Bergen
“Mohn Research Centre for Regenerative Medicine at Haukeland University Hospital will be a potent arena for the development of knowledge that will benefit several groups of patients”, said Centre leader Einar Klæboe Kristoffersen. 

He also invited other research groups to join the Centre: “It is going to be an open scientific network, and all interested groups with projects related to regenerative medicine are hereby invited to join us and participate in our activities, as we take aim to be a hub for the interaction and cross seeding between these milieus.”

The Mohn Research Centre for Regenerative Medicine (MRCRM) was established in August 2021 as a collaborative initiative between Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen (UiB). The Trond Mohn Foundation supports the investment with a total of NOK 30 million, and both UiB and Helse Bergen contribute with the same amount.

Eivind Hansen, the CEO of Helse Bergen, expressed his gratitude to the Trond Mohn Foundation funding the new Centre and said: “We have to use this position to make good science. So it is up to us, leaders of the institutions, leaders of the Centre, and the scientists, generate results and give it back to the patients.“

Per Bakke, dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the UiB, called the centre establishment a perfect example of good collaboration between the Trond Mohn Foundation, the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine (UiB). He also communicated his expectations to the new Centre: “we hope that the money the Trond Mohn Foundation and the Hospital and University have put into it is just the start and that hopefully, you will use this source of resources to try to apply for more funding into this centre for regenerative medicine.”

Four research projects have been recruited to the MRCRM through grants from the Trond Mohn Foundation. Sveinung Hole, the CEO of the Trond Mohn Foundation, said the external board, who selected these projects among the many applicants, expected these projects to substantially strengthen and develop the Centre for Regenerative Medicine.  

See the project leaders present their exciting research projects here:

Stem cell transplantation for wound healing - Cecilie Bredrup and Stian Almeland
Stem cells for treating osteonecrosis – Kamal Mustafa 

Personalised medicine in psychosis treatment – Erik Johnsen

Establishing “blue-print” protocols for gene therapy – Einar Kristoffersen
Read the press statement and more about the opening in Dagens Medisin (only in Norwegian).