The MRCRM seminar series

We are happy to announce that the MRCRM seminar series started on April the 27th.

Published 4/6/2022
Last updated 9/7/2023
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Fr​om April 2022,​​​ the MRCRM will arrange monthly seminars. ​This event will serve as a platform for scientific replenishment​​ and be a place to meet and discuss ongoing research activities. 

The speakers at the seminar series will usually alternate between a PI and two "young investigators” (postdocs/PhDs) affiliated with the MRCRM, who will talk about their ongoing research or other relevant topics within regenerative medicine. There will be time for mingling and refreshments after the seminars. 

​When: The last Tuesday each month, from 14.30-15:30.

Where: At Haukeland campus (the auditorium will be announced before each seminar).

Upcoming seminars:

August 30: Cecilie Bredrup​ - "Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in wound healing - ​development of precision medicine" (tentative title)

September 27: Two young investigators: Niyaz Abdulbaqi Al-sharabi and TBA.

October 25: Kamal Mustafa​ - "Clinical Treatment of Osteonecrosis with Bone Mesenchymal Stem Cells – OsteoStem" (tentative title)

November 29: Two young investigators: Novin Balafkan and Titas Gladkauskas

December 7: Junior symposium


January 31: Erik Johnsen - "Personalised medicine in psychosis treatment" (tentative title)

February 28: Two young investigators - TBA

March 28: Stian K. Almeland ""Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in burn wounds - development of precision medicine" (tentative title)

April 24-25: MRCRM's Annual Scientific Meeting

May 30: Two young investigators - TBA

​Previous seminars:

June 23-24: 2-day workshop in Translational Oral Resea​rch at IKO​​

May 19: Shoji Takuechi - "From lab to fork: 3D tissue engineering for meat production"

April 27: Einar K. Kristoffersen​ - "The Ex vivo facility - why, how and when?"

MRCRM seminar committee

The MRCRM seminar committee organizes the seminars and consists of: 


Four portraits put together in a collage; Farivar, Cecilie, Shuntaro and Elise