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The TMF granted projects started on April the 1st

At yesterday’s meeting in the MRCRM management group, we marked that April 1 was the official start date of the Trond Mohn Research Foundation-granted projects.

Published 4/8/2022
Last updated 2/15/2024
Group photo in front of screen i meeting area. Photo
The MRCRM management group. From left to right: Einar K. Kristoffersen, Cecilie Gjerde, Kamal Mustafa, Guro Melve, Stian Almeland (on the screen), Elise Aasebø, Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Cecilie Bredrup and Kimberley J. Hatfield. Erik Johnsen was not present.
After discussing strategic issues concerning the centre, such as the MRCRM seminar series​, the scientific advisory board, and our new Twitter account (@BergenMRCRM​), we celebrated the official commencement of the projects with this lovely cake.
Man cutting cake on table. Photo
Cake cutting by the centre leader Einar K. Kristoffersen. 
Four research projects - spanning from establishing GMP protocols to wound healing to treatment of psychosis and osteonecrosis - are recruited to the MRCRM through grants from the Trond Mohn Research Foundation. The projects will run over four years, except for the project entitled "Establishing 'blue-print' Good Manufacturing Practice protocols for gene therapy", which is funded for three years. We want to take this opportunity and once again t​​hank the Trond Mohn Research Foundation for the funding!
We look forward to publishing updates on the exciting research going on in the Centre.