Treatment abroad

Patients whose treatment cannot be provided in Norway are entitled to treatment abroad subject to certain criteria. This entitlement is enshrined in the Patients' Rights Act Section 2-1 b, fifth paragraph.

Application form

The unit for treatment abroad at Helse Vest is responsible for processing applications from patients who are registered residents in Rogaland, Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane.
We ask applicants to use the attached application form for treatments abroad. The application guide lists the documentation that you should provide with your application. 
Applications should ideally be submitted electronically, but completed and signed paper applications with attachments may be sent to: 

By post:

Eining for Utanlandsbehandling 
Helse Bergen HF 
Postboks 1400 
5021 Bergen 


Randi Rune 00 47 55 97 69 29
Nina Næsheim 00 47 55 97 38 34 

Entitlement to treatment abroad

The Patients' Rights Act Section 2-1 b, fifth paragraph, stipulates that patients who cannot be treated in Norway are entitled to treatment abroad subject to certain criteria.
The patient must be entitled to necessary healthcare from the specialist health service. 
The patient's condition cannot be treated in Norway due to a lack of medical expertise. 
Patients are not entitled to treatment abroad if adequate and reliable treatments for the patient's condition are available in Norway. 
This applies even if other methods of treatment are available abroad. Long waiting times for treatment in Norway do not entitle patients to treatment abroad under this arrangement. Experimental or exploratory treatments are usually not covered.

Who may apply?

Applications for treatment abroad are usually made by the hospital consultant, but GPs, patients and other parties authorised by the patient may also apply.
Patients may apply for reimbursement after completing their treatment, but it is recommended that they apply in advance. By not applying in advance, the patient risks having to meet the full cost of treatment, travel and accommodation. 
In such cases the patient will not be entitled to compensation from the NPE in the event of a medical error.
Patients whose applications are rejected may appeal to the Norwegian Governmental Appeal Board Regarding Medical Treatment Abroad. 


Postal address

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Treatment abroad
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