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Maternity Ward

Women become pregnant, give birth, breastfeed and care for their children very much in the same way across the world. But societies organize their health care programmes for pregnant women differently.

Admissions Line  +47 55 97 22 00  Please call BEFORE coming to the hospital.

Women who are about to give birth should call the Admissions Line before going to the Women's Clinic. 

The Admissions Line is for acute conditions and should primarily be used to notify us that the birth has begun and that you are on your way to the clinic.

Do not call the Admissions Line concerning matters that are not acute or that can wait and that can be discussed with your general practitioner, midwife or the Public Medical Ward.

What are the signs of birth, and when should you call the Admissions Line?

Birth and post-natal period


We recommend this information brochure on our programme in general:

Pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period in Norway (pdf, 3.2 MB)




Admission line for women in labour

+47 55 97 22 00
Please call before coming to hospital

Reception Women's Clinic

+47 55 97 42 00


Contact point

Labour and maternity ward is in block 5 in Glasblokkene.

The main reception is on the first floor in Glasblokkene 5-8.

The opening hours are 07.00 - 21.00 on weekdays, and 08.00 - 21.00 on weekends and holidays. 

When you are in labour, you must use the ambulance entrance in Glasblokkene to park.

  • The entrance is from Haukelandsbakken.
  • Take the first turn to the right, follow the sign to Sentralblokka.
  • When you are at the top of the hill, turn left.
  • Drive down the ambulance entrance.

The ambulance entrance should only be used as a drop off space. Woman in labour will be dropped off at the entrance to the reception, before the driver drives on into the parking deck.

On the parking deck, 6 spaces have been reserved for women in labour. There are approximately 45 parking spaces in total in the parking deck in U1. The reserved ones can also be used if there are vacancies.

You must enter the entrance to the basement floor (U1) in block 5. You have been informed about which maternity ward / floor you are going to. The lift to the maternity wards in block 5 is well marked, and is located directly inside the entrance door on the left.

The door is locked, and you must use the intercom. You will then get in touch with the maternity ward you should go to.

The nearest stop to Haukeland is the stop called Haukeland sjukehus. The tram stops north of Sentralblokka, close to the Glasblokkene, in the Haukeland area. It is a few minutes to walk from the stop. Haukelandsbakken and to Glasblokkene.

Watch routes and overview of stops on

Several scheduled buses go past Haukeland. In addition, there are direct work routes between the districts and the hospital.

On the website you will find bus routes with an overview of stops and time schedules

  • Lines 5 and 6 depart from Festplassen.
  • Line 12 departs from Bystasjon
  • Line 16E departs from Xhibition in Småstrandgaten

Bus stop around Haukeland:

Ulriksdal for visitors to Ulriksdal health park and Glasblokkene (line 5, 6, 16E)Haukeland hospital South for visitors to Glasblokkene, KK, Augebygget and Haukeland hotel (line 5, 6, 12 and 16E)

Haukeland Hospital North for visitors to Sentralblokken and other buildings in the Haukeland area (line 5, 6, 12 and 16E)

There will be signs from the stop to Glasblokkene.

Women´s Clinic is moving

On November 7th, the Women's Clinic moved into Glasblokkene, a new building in the Haukeland area. On this page you will find information about where we are, how to find the way, opening hours and other practical information.

Moving, directions, parking
A large building with many windows

Admissions Line for women in labour

All women who are about to give birth at the Women's clinic should call the Admissions Line before going to the Women's Clinic (+47) 55 97 22 00
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Information in other languages

Read about admission for women in labour in different languages.
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Women's Clinic

About 5000 women give birth at our Maternity Ward at the Women's Clinic every year. In addition to being the local hospital for the population in Bergen and surrounding areas, we accept patients with complications during their pregnancies from all over the western part of Norway.
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