Maternal preconception occupational exposure to cleaning products and disinfectants and offspring asthma

In many countries, the prevalence of childhood asthma has increased substantially since the 1980s.The reason remains largely unknown; however, numerous mechanisms have been proposed, including events occurring early in life, both before and after birth.

Publisert 27.10.2021
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It is well established that workers who are directly exposed to cleaning products and disinfectants are at risk for respiratory symptoms and asthma.​ In addition, it has been suggested that exposures related to cleaning activities may constitute a risk to long-term respiratory health. A dose-response pattern with increased risk of respiratory symptoms and diseases by increased dose and duration of exposure has been reported.
Cleaning products and disinfectants comprise a wide range of ingredients that are irritants and/or potential sensitizers. Furthermore, the use of spray devices results in a substantial airborne exposure to nonvolatile aerosolized agents in the lower airways. Read the full article in the ​​Journal of Allergy and ​Clinical immunology.​