Webinar: Advances in Interventional Ultrasound

​National Centre for Ultrasound in Gastroenterology (NCUG) presents:

​NCUG 20th Anniversary Webinar: Advances in Interventional Ultrasound​

 The lectures can be found at the following time marks:

   04:50  Christian Nolsøe: New techniques in interventional US with focus on Fusion

   35:05  Christian Jenssen: CEUS in ultrasound-guided interventions

   56:40  Khanh Cong Do Pham: EUS guided biliary access and interventions

1:23:55  Fabio Piscaglia: How to diagnose small HCC with CEUS

1:47:24  Mette Vesterhus: Ultrasound evaluation of PSC

2:11:48  John Willy Haukeland: Ultrasound and elastography in liver cirrhosis

2:36:27  Karlheinz Seitz: Cystic neoplastic lesions of the pancreas–the percutaneous option of ultrasound

2:56:29  Roald Flesland Havre: Therapeutic EUS using RFA in pancreatic tumors

3:32:32  Ingrid Kvåle Nordaas: Sonoporation in pancreatic cancer (PDAC)

3:56:23  Kim Nylund: Bowel wall ultrasound: from Bench to Bedside

4:25:52  Fredrik Bjorvatn Sævik: New ultrasound index in Crohn's disease

4:50:25  Elisabeth Steinsvik: Gastric Ultrasound in Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders



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