Past events


PiV will be present at these upcoming events:

05.-08.06.2024 Vilnius Lithuania
Building bridges in pathology: Integrating systems for better diagnostics
Sabine Leh
Clustering of glomerular image patches identifies clinically relevant lesion categories
Hrafn Weishaupt
Real-time Pathology Dashboards for Lab Worker Motivation: An Experience Report
Patrick Stünkel
The impact of temporal variation in digital pathology scanners on diagnostic artificial intelligence models
Anders Blilie
Calculation of Ki-67-index in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors with open-source software QuPath (Poster)
Radwan Etwebi
12.-14.06.2024 Trondheim

Approaching artificial intelligence and computational pathology solutions for chronic kidney disease
Hrafn Weishaupt
07.09.-11.09.2024 Florence Italy
Sist oppdatert 10.05.2024