Ki-67 in neuroendocrine tumours

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Neuroendocrine tumour: Tumor cell islets are marked with green. The red circle indicates a tumour cell positive for Ki-67.

​This work package is aimed to find an automated way for measuring Ki-67 index in neuroendocrine tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.  The research will give insight into a number of image analysis applications and their advantages and disadvantages by describing the faced challenges and suggesting solutions. 

​The objectives are:​

​​​​​To establish the ground truth

ground truth

Here has a pathologist manually counted negative (= pink) and positive (=cyan) tumour cells. This manual count is considered the "ground truth".

To perform conventional image analysis

conventional image analysis

This conventional image analysis application marks negative (=blue) and positive (=brown) tumour cells. It is easy to see that the demarcation of individual tumour cells does not work well.​​

To train and test a machine learning system​​

machine learning system

The trained algorithm performs very well in counting negative (= red) and positive (= green) tumour cells.

Finally, to compare different analysis systems with the ground truth.​​

Sist oppdatert 16.05.2022