PiV Project Holds Successful Meeting in Stavanger

PiV's fourth Stavanger - Bergen meeting on May 12.

Publisert 08.06.2023
En gruppe mennesker som poserer for et bilde
The PiV project recently held its biannual meeting in Stavanger, Norway. Despite the foggy weather at Sola airport, the team from Bergen arrived promptly on May 12th, ready for a productive session with their colleagues from Stavanger.
The meeting was packed with intense discussions, as participants shared their work, achievements, and challenges. One particular area of focus was the Research PACS, a platform for storing and viewing pathology images for research. Some members especially faced hurdles with various image formats and their conversion between one another. However, with the hope of assistance, a solution is expected to be found soon.
Excitingly, the project encountered a lot of positive challenges. The highlight of the gathering was Monica's presentation on workpackage 8, which aims to establish a center for applied digitization. This significant development has finally been set in motion!
En mann som står foran et bord med en bærbar datamaskin foran en gruppe mennesker som sitter

Under the leadership of Monica Hellesøy from HUS, workpackage 8 will work towards establishing a regional coordination center for computer-assisted pathology diagnostics in Helse Vest RHF. The center has a clear purpose for the region:
1. Manage and coordinate competence and professional development .
2. Work towards implementing computer-assisted diagnostic (CAD) systems.
3. Facilitate further teaching, research, and development.
Amidst the many tasks at hand, finding a suitable name for the center remains a crucial matter that awaits resolution.
With the meeting drawing to a close, the team expressed their gratitude to Stavanger and eagerly anticipated the next gathering in Bergen during the autumn season.
The PiV project continues to tackle challenges and explore new opportunities, with naming the center being just one of the many exciting tasks that lie ahead.