Synergy meeting: University of Oslo and PiV

On April 21st PiV had visitors from Oslo, more specifically researchers from SIRIUS – Centre for Scalable Data Access, to look into potential synergies between our projects and ways to collaborate in the future.

Publisert 22.04.2022
Sist oppdatert 19.05.2022


Synergy participants visit the laboratory

Synergy participants in the main pathology laboratory learning about our complex workflows. From left to right: Violet Ka i Pun (HVL), Rudolf Schlatte (SIRIUS), Patrick Stünkel (Helse Bergen), Chi Mai Nguyen (SIRIUS) on a guided tour through our histology laboratory.​

SIRIUS is a Norwegian Centre for Research- driven Innovation that addresses the problems of scalable data access in the oil & gas industry associated with the University of Oslo. At first sight, oil & gas on the one hand and pathology on the other hand appear to be rather different but on a second look, there are more similarities than one would have thought. Both domains comprise complex logistic processes where small decisions can have big impacts and planning plays a major role. Thus, our external collaborator Violet (CroFlow project) established the contact between Bergen and Oslo and on Thursday 21st of April, we had our first meeting.

The day started with a tour through the main pathology laboratory given by Patrick, where our visitors Rudi and Chi Mai learned about the “lifecyle" that a patient specimen undergoes on its way from accessioning to microscopic analysis. The tour was followed by a presentation given by Patrick about the goals of the PiV project and the technical challenges we are working on right now. Afterwards, Rudi and Chi Mai presented their work on simulation and automated planning in Oslo.

​On the second day of their visit in Bergen, the participants from Helse Bergen, Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL) and SIRIUS gathered for a hands-on workshop where they modelled a small portion of the specimen preparation process using the ABS language, which is extensively used in SIRIUS project. At the end of the day all participants concluded with that, there are indeed exciting synergy potentials and that the collaboration should be continued in the very near future.