Wir waren alle Berliner - at least for four days

PiV attended the 18th European Congress on Digital Pathology from 15th to 18th of June in Berlin.

Publisert 18.08.2022
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Berlin 2022
Berlin 2022
From left: Friedemann Leh, Silje Kristiansen (Haukeland University Hospital, digital pathology), Elisabeth Thunström, Nazanin Mola, Emiel Janssen, Sabine Leh, Hrafn Weishaupt, Emma Rewcastle, Umay Kiraz (Clarify project)


The expectations were high and indeed, the congress lived up to, if not exceeded our expectations. The program covered a wide variety of aspects of digital pathology. Not surprisingly, machine learning and AI development were major topics, but also regulatory and legal aspects, implementation stories and structured reporting were some of the other topics covered. 

What to mention in particular? From a PiV viewpoint, the networking was great, both with researchers and participants from the industry. And of course: Two of us were a bit nervous because they had to give presentations. Emma gave a great oral presentation about on how to evaluate prognosis in endometrial hyperplasia using AI-based image analysis tools. Congratulations Emma!


Tekst, brev
Emma presenting her project about AI-based image analysis in endometrial hyperplasia

Sabine presented the terminology system the “Kidney Biopsy Codes" had developed and which is connected to kidney work packages of the PiV project. To mention also: Both Emiel and Sabine were part of the Scientific Committee. Sabine as a board member of the ESDIP was also a member of the Local Organizing Committee and was therefore particularly excited to see how the congress would evolve.

Berlin welcomed us with sunshine and warmth. We ate together under trees in the evening and went on a river trip on the Spree where we saw Berliners dancing under open sky in the government district. What a wonderful city!​