Illness and treatment

We want you and your next-of-kin to be given sufficient information, help and guidance to allow you to live with your illness, injury or condition in the best way possible. Each treatment is individually prescribed by the treating physician/psychologist in consultation with the patient.

Access to patient records

All patient treatments must be documented in the patient's records. Patients are entitled to receive a copy of their patient records.

Breaches of the waiting list guarantee

If the deadline you have been given for your assessment/treatment approaches and you have yet to be given an appointment, please contact the hospital to enquire about your appointment.

Children as relatives of patients

This information is for anyone with children or teenagers in their family. You may be the patient, a relative of the patient or the parent of a sick child who has brothers or sisters.

Copies of patient records log

You may request a copy of the log showing who has accessed your electronic patient records.

Entitlement to necessary healthcare

Those patients who, due to their health condition, require treatment most urgently should be given status as priority patients.

Free Hospital Choice

Free Hospital Choice is a scheme that allows patients to be referred for assessment/examination/treatment by the specialist health service at a hospital or treatment centre of their choice.

Right to complain

If you believe that your patient rights have been breached, we encourage you to contact the relevant department as soon as possible. This will allow the department to review its practices. Formal complaints must be made in writing.

The Health and Social Services Ombudsman

The Health & Social Services Ombudsman works to protect the needs, interests and legal rights of patients. The Ombudsman also strives to raise the quality of the health service.

Waiting times

The waiting times outlined on the Free Hospital Choice website are an estimate of how long low-priority patients can expect to have to wait.

Last updated 10/3/2023