Liste over avlagte doktorgrader innen søvnrelaterte tema i Norge.

  • Kjersti GjerdePatient specific factors predicting adherence and treatment effect of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea
  • ​​Kaia Kjørstad: Interventions to Improve Sleep and their Impact on Work and         Daytime Impairment​
  • Randi Liset​: ​Light exposure and stress in pregnancy: Effects of blue-blocking glasses on sleep, mood and melatonin​​

  • Eirin KolbergThe effect of bright light on rest-activity rhythms and behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia

  • Gunnhild Johnsen Hjetland: The effect of bright light on sleep in nursing home patients with dementia​

  • Erlend Sunde: Effects of light interventions for adaptation to night work : Simulated night work experiments​

  • Jonas Falch-Madsen:​ Insomnia in childhood and adolescence: Prevalence, persistence, and predictors​

  • ​​Bror Morten Halse Ranum​: Sleep Duration: Prevalence, stability, predictors and outcomes of objectively measured short sleep from childhood to adolescence​

  • Andrea Marti: Shift work, circadian rhythms and the brain : Identifying biological mechanisms underlying the metabolic and cognitive consequences of work timing, using a rat model​

  • ​​​Maria Hrozanova​: Habitual sleep​ in junior athletes: Associations with mental and physical stress loads

  • Hogne Vikanes Buchvold: Shift Work: Weight change and lifestyle factors

  • Daniela Bragantini: ​Genetic and psychopathological characteristics of patterns of nocturnal symptoms of insomnia - An epidemiological perspective​

  • Kristine Stangenes: Sleep habits and sleep problems among children born extremely preterm: A Norwegian population-based cohort study

  • Siri Waage: Shift work, sleep and health in the petroleum offshore industry
  • Anette Harris: Adaptation and health in extreme and isolated environments – from 78ºN to 75ºS

  • Cecilie Schou Andreassen: WORKAHOLISM – Antecedents and Outcomes
  • Signe Dørheim: Depression and sleep in the postnatal period. A study in Nepal and Norway
  • Helge Molde: Pathological gambling: prevalence, mechanisms and treatment outcome

  • Siri Omvik: Insomnia - a Night and Day Problem
  • Arvid Skjerve: Assessing mild dementia – a study of brief cognitive tests
  • Eldbjørg Fiske: Role of 5-HT and GABA in the control of DRN activity, sleep and in the pathogenesis of depression

  • Børge Sivertsen: Insomnia in older adults. Consequences, assessment and treatment
  • Janne Grønli: Chronic mild stress as an animal model of depression. From behaviour to molecules

  • Jan Øystein Berle: The pregnancy and postpartum periods: studies of foetal growth, anxiety and depression
  • Arne Fetveit: Sleep disturbances in nursing home patients with dementia. A non-pharmacological intervention study ​


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