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Current research

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From 2019, the clinic is closely connected to the work and resarch of the Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity 

The mission of the Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity is use highly effective, concentrated treatment formats to elucidate multilevel mechanisms of brain plasticity to gain new insights of relevance for future therapies. Also, the Bergen Center for Brain Plasticity work to disseminate the Bergen 4-day Treatment (B4DT) internationally.

Read more about the research centre here. 

Changing the specialist mental health care: The Concentrated Treatment Format

The team was newly awarded funding for the study "CHANGING THE SPECIALIST MENTAL HEALTH CARE: THE CONCENTRATED TREATMENT FORMAT". The study will compare The Bergen 4-day format to treatment as usual in five disorders; panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and body dysmorphic disorder.

Read more about the study here

The Bergen 4-day treatment for OCD: A randomized trial

​Professor Gerd Kvale and associate professor Bjarne Hansen at the OCD-team at Haukeland University Hospital,  have developed a concentrated format (The Bergen 4-day treatment) of delivering exposure based treatment. The format is now being evaluated in a randomized trial.

Read more about our ongoing RCT


The difficult to treat anxiety patient: New treatment approaches: A multicenter study

Our multicenter study investigates if the combination of concentrated, prolonged exposure-based treatment (The Bergen 4-day treatment) and the NMDA agonist d-cyloserine (DCS), enhance and stabilize treatment effects for difficult to treat patients.

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Sleep disturbance in treatment-seeking OCD-patients

Although we have a fair amount of knowledge regarding obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and the treatment, little is known about sleep patterns in patients with the disorder. Does sleep patterns affects treatment outcome or change as a result of treatment

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Brain plasticity and the Bergen 4-day format: Changes in the brain after concentrated exposure treatment for OCD

​Concentrated exposure treatment (cET) helps many patients with OCD to recover, but what happens in the brain when they do so? The OCD-team is currently completing the first study able to measure changes in the brain directly after treatment.

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