MRCRM events

The MRCRM arranges seminars, conferences and other events for the scientific community. These events will serve as a platform for scientific replenishment and be a place to meet and discuss ongoing research activities.

Photo. Lecturer in auditorium.
Centre leader Einar K. Kristoffersen presenting the Ex vivo facility at the MRCRM seminar series in April 2022.
Our seminar series is a cornerstone of knowledge-sharing within our research community. It is a platform for engaging discussions and the exchange of ideas of the latest advancements in regenerative medicine. The speakers alternate between established Principal Investigators (PIs) and emerging "young investigators".
Following the talks, there will be ample time for mingling and networking, accompanied by light refreshments. This setting encourages informal discussions, idea exchange, and potential collaborations—fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.​

When: Two or three Tuesdays each semester, from 14.30-15:30.
Where: At Haukeland campus (the auditorium will be announced before each seminar).

Upcoming seminars/ conferences

Events will be updated continously. Save the dates and stay tuned for more details! ​

February 20: "How to obtain a manufacturing licence according to current GMP regulations" - MRCRM seminar with Section for Cell-based Medical Products (CMP)
May 28: MRCRM seminar (TBA)​


October 31: MRCRM seminar with Sushma Grellscheid (POSTPONED)

October 5: TOR workshop at IKO

September 19: Christopher Kvistad "SMART-MS - Mesenchymal stem cells as regenerative treatment in multiple sclerosis"


February 28: Sadaf Ghorbani "The prospect of brain 3D models to advance neuropsychiatric research​"​ 

​January 31: Erik Johnsen - “Current challenges in psychosis treatment targeted by new opportunities in stem cell research"​ 



December 7: Mini symposium and official opening of the ExVivo Facility 

April 27: Einar K. Kristoffersen​ - "The Ex vivo facility - why, how and when?"

The MRCRM seminar committee organizes the seminars and consists of: 

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