Collecting sperm from Covid-19 patients

How does Covid-19 affect sperm and thus the next generation´s immune system? Researchers from the University of Bergen are collecting sperm to find the answer.

Publisert 03.11.2020
Sist oppdatert 13.10.2022
Hand with glove holding a semen sample in test glass. Photo
Photo: Colourbox
The project aims to see how the infection affects the development of the immune system and, follow-up studies will reveal how Covid-19 will affect the immune system of their future children. 
“The immune system is trained by infections of all kinds. We want to study how it is affected by Covid-19 and also if the infection has implication for future generation´s immune systems. That is why we decided to study sperm in addition to whole blood”, says Professor Cecilie Svanes, at Centre for International Health, University of Bergen. Read more about the project at the webpage of the University of Bergen